Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Headed for home

Today we started our 4 day transit back to Barbados.  It was a crazy rush to the finish with 4 stations in a span of 30 hours, but we're done and starting to pack things up and break our equipment down.

We're also taking the opportunity to relax a bit and have some fun.

First up, tonight we are having 'spa night' complete with deep sea mud facials, manicures, and shoulder massages.

On Friday we are having our official 'Equator Crossing' festivities/ceremony.  There is a long standing naval tradition of 'initiating' people who have not yet crossed the equator.  It's a day-long event where those who have crossed (shellbacks) spend the day making those who have not (polywogs) do silly things to appease King Neptune.   Details of the event will follow, but one of the requirements for the day is that everyone must have a tattoo of a sea creature, drawn on if necessary.  This is mine:

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